Below is a list of the services that we offer as well as a gallery of some of the jobs we have completed.

  • New Installations & Alterations
  • Natural Gas & LPG
  • Domestic & Light Commercial
  • Electric to Gas Hot Water Conversion
  • Gas Fires, Hobs and Cookers


realfire.jpgFire Installation

Real Fires 1000

This fire was installed in a new house in June 2013

flue2.jpgFlue Installation

External Flue

This flue was installed on a Real Fire 1000 in March this year.  The chimney was designed to only extend halfway up the exterior wall of the house, so here is an example of what can be done in this type of situation.

building3.jpgGas Pre Pipe

Full Internal Pre-Pipe

This is a picture of a pre-pipe in a new house.  A pre-pipe consists of running all the pipework through the walls/ceiling to the designated areas whilst in the construction phase prior to the walls being lined with Gib.  Once the house in nearly complete I will return to complete the installation of the appliances.