About Us

Flowright Gasfitting is me, Paul Wright - Certifying Gas Fitter.  You've probably figured out the origins of my business name by now so here's a short sharp overview of my almost 15 years in the New Zealand Gas Industry.

Like many 16 year old teenage boys I was undecided about what I really wanted to do when I left school but as fate would have it, my neighbour had no doubt.  He offered me a good old fashioned apprenticeship in gasfitting and I quickly discovered that I not only enjoyed it but I was pretty good at it.  I continued learning and honing my skills as I gradually worked my way up the gas ladder to various management and operational positions.  As a Certifying Gasfitter, I assumed the responsibiliy for supervising other gasfitters, booking jobs, liaising with national companies and all other tasks required to manage the business in the bosses absence.

I've met some wonderful customers who have often insisted that only I undertake their gasfitting work for them.  I think that speaks volumes about the trust my clients have in me.

I was employed at the last company for 9 years and had many opportunities to learn the ropes or running a gasfitting business.  That gave me the confidence to head out on my own as Flowright Gasfitting Ltd.


Registered Certifying Gasfitter with Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board

sidetile1.jpgOver the years I've worked my way up the gasfitter qualifications ladder, attaining the highest possible qualification as a Certifying Gasfitter.  The gas industry is very safety and standards-driven so I continually attend relevant up-skilling courses to ensure I keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and new techniques.  In my view, there's always a better way to do things.


Certifying Gasfitter vs. Licensed Gasfitter - What's the Difference?

In a nutshell, the fundamental difference is that a licensed gasfitter cannot test or sign-off their own work and they must be supervised by a Certifying Gasfitter - that's me.  I can issue a Gas Certificate that says the work complies with the Gas Act 1992.  A Licensed Gasfitter cannot.

I've seen some pretty dodgy installations and workmanship in my time in the industry, which is really disappointing. For example, the installation of an oversized gas bottle indoors is illegal.  If anything happened, the home owner runs the risk of his/her insurance becoming null and void.  Home owners deserve professional guidance that ensures their home and its occupants are safe.

Bottom line - my business, livelihood and most importantly, people's lives depend on strict compliance with the Gas Act 1992.  Please visit the pgdb.co.nz website to verify my registration or please ask to see my authorisation card.  This tells you exactly what I'm authorised to do.


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